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We would like to introduce our publishing company to you. We have been publishing several magazines in the B2B market for 27 years. In 1999, we also started as software developer to automate processes. Since 2007, we have been working on developing lead programs. And from 2011 we are active in the field of price comparison search programs and we develop software programs for online marketers.


Since 2015, we established two software programs in the market, providing starting and advanced online marketers with simple and effective lead generation for working as an affiliate marketer. We offer White Label software, which is therefore used with different names in the market. In the last two years, especially the digital nomad market has reached a new dimension in the form of community marketing, and you as an online marketer no longer want to keep purchasing products, keeping track of online shops or keep communicating with affiliate programs. As a company, we provide this service and work with over 62 employees to provide a full range of services every day.

Also, we have two larger Labels where people can join and use training activities. Therefore, we are not a traditional affiliate partner but fit more into the world of the new service provider that ensures that you are working on your business and do not have to spend energy and time in everything about building your business as an online marketeer.

We are committed to checking all 70,000 users every day. However, sometimes situations will occur we couldn’t foresee. And because we work with our multiple programs and work with more than 10 promotion websites per country, it’s sometimes difficult for a company to see what we’re doing right now. To give you an idea of our platforms we’re working with, here are a few examples:

our Adspaces

These are a number of labels we have in our portfolio that we as e-Profilers BV fill with products and services. This means that, as a brand / company, you do business with e-Profilers BV, and through huge platforms and partnerships you can show your brand / products to millions of people every day. Together with two partners, we currently get over 10 million clicks per day.

It is therefore very difficult for us to create a so-called adspace showing 1 webpage and giving you an idea of what we do as a company. We are happy to meet you and provide further explanation. However, we can say that we are a serious partner in the world of the digital nomads in an era where changes in the online world take place every day.

We are looking forward to promoting your brand / company through our supporting software programs we deliver to over 70,000 Online Marketers.

We have now collaborated with different price comparison providers and also collect valuable data for online marketers, sharing the data with them to get the highest possible conversion. Currently, over 70,000 online marketers are using our software and services. If you allow us to include your products in our program, we will ensure that these products are promoted in the most efficient way on the Internet.

However, we also have offline campaigns that make sure that we do not forget to promote the local retailer who may also sell your products. As we work with different programs and over 70,000 online marketers are using our programs, we sometimes also deal with people who do not exactly follow the guidelines we provide. However, our policy is focused on strictly checking each of our software users. We have a policy that, if you do something twice, you will be removed from our system immediately and can’t take advantage of it anymore.

We want to show you a view examples of Adspaces and Webshops we own. For more information we added some links on this page and a short description to find out what content they contain. At this moment we work hard to optimize our Websites and refresh every Adspace for 100% transparency and clarity.

We are looking forward to promoting your brand / company through our supporting software programs we deliver to over 70,000 Online Marketers.

Final ADZ

Earn Money, Make Friends And Have Fun…
Marketing is not complex when you know how to Play the game.
With FinalAdz we help you to Play this Game… FinalAdz will give you the opportunity To create your own Business model.

Final Adz The New Solution
FinalAdz is the newest solution in both the Online and the Offline world.
With FinalAdz you can Build your own Company and help other People To build an Online and Offline business.


e-Profilers specializes in developement of communication and marketing software

We are a company that specializes in developing communication programs and Data Driven Sales programs. This in combination with backend and frontend systems. We do not work really on behalf of customers. We develop programs and search own initiative after the customers. That is why we are also called shears to the companies that truly innovate. Our products are used worldwide and we want to further expand.


OF-Connect services

We are OF-Connect, an Online and Offline European marketing agency which in recent years has specialized in digital transforming organizations. We develop communication platforms and ensure that the entrepreneur becomes visible in the digital world.


Clickeasynow, Promote your business with banners, coupons and actions

Clickeasynow is our Affiliate platform to add promotion material of all brands and shops. In this platform we made it easy to add and use banners, coupons and other Action material.



Djitzo is a website where we provide vouchers/coupons and promotions based on location and country. It is a website that is being promoted about 1 million times a day in several countries, through social media and direct marketing channels. The website is constantly being improved and updated based on the latest technical possibilities. This platform soon will be able to compete with platforms like Groupon. The content of the website is also shown through an app, based on the location and wishes of the user.

Super Coole Preise


Supercoolepreise is a webshop that we recommend through Social Networks. This webshop is currently being promoted by thousands of associations, because we give 60 % of the commision that is earned back to the associations. This shop is a part of the whole concept and is currently provided in three versions. Each one with their own look and feel. The shop is updated everyday and is active in several countries, with the products that we are allowed to offer of the several brands. Supercoolepreise is being promoted everyday by about 80.000 people on the internet and this keeps growing every week.

If we are allowed to promote your products in our shop, we will be working everyday on not only promoting the products but also your brand.



Gekkeprijzenshop is a webshop build for the Dutch market and more countries are following soon these shops connect over 700 partnerprograms and are visited and shared over 50.000 time each day. and still growing because of new products and networks. these webshops will soon be active in 4 countries. At the moment we have more shops in developement and all will be launched soon.

Zotte prijzen shop


Zotteprijzenshop is a webshop build for the Belgian market and like our existing shops there are thousands of products and visitors each day and will grow because of networks and partnerships adding products and sharing information and data. Every day we are working on shops for more countries so we can expand our and your network.


For more information contact:
Paul Theunissen
E-mail: affiliate@e-profilers.nl
Tel: +31512-778787
Meerpaal 11b,
9206 AJ